Dangling from the last rung of the fire escape, staring down at the short drop to the scruffy Brooklyn sidewalk below… “Come on, Mikey… It’s easy! You just gotta let go, you drop, you land.”

If only adult life were as easy as that night in the alley for Mike and Sally-Boy, when they were ten years old, full of bravado. But college life in 1968 presents new struggles for Mike. And now there’s no Sally-Boy cheering him on.

Two years ago, Sally-Boy disappeared. Every day without him reminds Mike of their childish assumption that they would always be together. How can Mike focus on classes, new friends, a girl, a father badgering him to cut his “ragged” hair, when all he wants to do is look for Sally-Boy? When Mike can’t even stop from talking to someone who’s not there?

The Fire Escape Belongs In Brooklyn, is available as an ebook for $2.99 and in paperback for $17.00!


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